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"Or-Ly in the Environment", Water Quality Consulting Services


The need for water quality monitoring

According to WHO at least 1.6 million people die every year because of lack of access to safe drinking water and sanitation.

In 1985, before implementing chlorination regulation and before determining the rules of protective radius around the drill drinking water, a massive dysentery infection hurt about 8 thousand people in a short time when sewage penetrated a drinking waterhole. In that incident, wastewater entered the groundwater and no one could identify in advance and on spot of the infection because there was no continuous monitoring of water quality supplied that could alert the water supplier that water quality has worsened.

Understanding the importance of water quality for public health, setting standards and criteria are in the hands of public health services in the Ministry of Health in Israel, including the Department of Environmental Health.  Some of the functions of the Department of Environmental Health in the field of water quality is to determine:

  • Microbial and chemical standards for drinking water.

  • Water quality control criteria.

  • Conditions and maintenance of the current operation.

  • Protective radius around the drill drinking water, where the size of the radius depends on the flow rate of the bored, bored depth and type of soil. Health officials are working to prevent the existence of activities in the field of protective radius, which may cause pollution of groundwater.

  • Rules for reporting and documentation requirements.

  • Employee training.

An update of drinking water regulations occurs relatively fast, depending on the findings of scientific studies and data collected by researchers and public health doctors worldwide. Sanitary quality of drinking water regulations in Israel were last updated in August 2013.


Or-Ly in the Environment Consulting Services

Our company "OR-LY in the environment" was founded two years ago and employs professional workers in the field of environmental engineering, natural sciences, hydrology and Communications. We provide sanitary consulting services, engineering and sanitary design services to water and sewage infrastructure throughout Israel, including the services mention below:

  • The sanitary design of water and sewage infrastructure is part of the development plans of settlements, public buildings, and businesses.

  • Design of wastewater pretreatment facilities.

  • Open a mechanism for quality control of drinking water and wastewater quality assurance at public transportation systems and in the areas of the property.

  • Preparation of the sampling plan of drinking water takes into account population size, the presence of sensitive consumers and the complexity of the water supply system.

  • Preparing investigative surveys if reporting an abnormal result of drinking water from the laboratory. The survey is carried out immediately, in real time to learn what causes water pollution, treat the infectious agent and prevent immediate harm to public health.

  • Preparation of preventive surveys of water supply systems, protective radius of the drill drinking water and water treatment facilities. The purpose of the surveys is to identify vulnerabilities or system failures, suggest solutions for the problems, all in addition to prevent the exceptional event and in favor of protecting the public health.

  • Promotion of the Ministry of Health approvals for chemicals and facilities intended to meet drinking water.

  • Prepared by our company employee-training program in the field of maintenance and operation of treatment plants and drinking water supply systems in the State of Angola. The training program is addressed to professional workers who were supposed to run the various systems and maintain them and for the users, the villagers that were used to pump the water from the river and now they will be required to change habits and will draw clean water from a well, established at the center of the village.

  • Our company has a mobile school for the training of employees engaged in control, monitoring, operation and maintenance of drinking water facilities. At the end of the training, we provide certification by the Ministry of Health. Our company has also stationary school training for employees in the field of sampling the drinking water and in the field of water sanitary. At the end of the course, students successfully pass certification tests of the Israeli Ministry of Health.

We provide unique services: design of water supply systems and wastewater transmission systems; water and wastewater quality control.


The Owner – Orly Zohar

Orly Zohar is the owner of "Or-Ly in the environment" which provides consulting services on implementing water regulations and guidelines.


For over fifteen years prior to opening her consulting business, Orly served as the District Environmental Health Inspector, at the ministry of health's North district.  In that position, Orly was responsible for supervision of drinking water quality, verifying the compliance of the waste end solutions settlements, sites, businesses and institutions; examination of proper sanitation in businesses and institutions; writing guidelines on  participation of national teams of professional; and providing training within the professional training courses of the Ministry of Health.


Orly is a graduate of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem in the field of Biology and has a master degree from the Technion in the field of Environmental Studies. 


Orly's vast knowledge and experience in both regulation procedures and the needs of business in adjusting to the ever-changing world of quality assurance of drinking water, makes her the best consultant your company needs.


Together, we can ensure the best water supply and hands on monitoring of quality.


"Or-Ly in the environment" can be reached through these channels:


Tell:  050-6395070


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