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My name is only Sarousi-Zohar.


My company providing sanitary and environmental planning, Consulting and training services to water suppliers, including "Mekorot"– National Water Company, Water Supplies, Business consumers and institution one.


Our employees are Environment engineers (from the field of water and wastewater) as well as water quality experts.


We have seniority and experience in the design of water and wastewater systems, supervision of the works and matching treatment facilities to the raw water quality.

Lately, we built employee training programs to Africa countries as the water transport conditions improved and we give Lecturers in professional training courses.


We can assist and provide professional support in the area including water supply systems design, supervision of works, adjusting the type of treatment to the water quality, give you professional assistance in terms of water quality (drinking water and raw water) and finally we can write a training plan to the Operating personnel and maintenance personnel of the Water Facilities and to the consumers.


M y company "Or-Ly in the environment" was founded in July 2013 to provide the following services:

  • Consulting on implementing water regulations and guidelines.

  • Preparing preventive surveys for water treatment facilities, water supply

Systems and water sources for drinking water suppliers.

  • Design of water and sewer plans

  • Employee training: mobile school for employee training in local authorities.

  • Mapping weaknesses in water systems and suggesting suitable professional


  • Preparing sampling plans for drinking water systems.

  • Promoting government approvals of new and/or renovated infrastructure and

Treatment facilities.

  • Laying down secondary water and sewage conveyance systems for towns,

Neighborhoods and buildings.

  • Promoting the approval of chemicals for use in drinking water.

  • Sanitary consulting for food businesses for the purpose of issuing a business

  • License.

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